Hooked on the RPG

Ever since I first gazed at the massive statues outside the city of Stormwind, I have been fascinated with the computer based role playing game.  Perhaps it is the feeling that you are someone you are not in reality or maybe it is just the amazing worlds which have been created, but either way I love it.  Whether you are playing a Hobbit hunter in LOTRO or a sneaky Rouge in WOW it is an intriguing and awesome experience. We as humans love to escape the reality of sin and heartache that is all around us.  The idea that if I had enough strength(xp) and clout (levels) that maybe I could change the world simply by brute force.  If only it were that easy.

Being a 38 year old family man though I have a couple questions.  Is it and was it waste of time?  Should I be spending more time working on music and playing with the kids?  I think the obvious answer is yes, but somehow gaming has become a part of me.  I remember  as a child sitting in my room playing Pirates and Amazon on the Commodore 64 for hours.  My parents worried constantly that I would turn into a freak or something for playing games like that, but I didn't really :)  I did all the same things other kids did my age.  I rode my bicycle, played baseball, got into scrapes with the neighbor's kids and ate mama's apple pie.

So check me out on Lord of the Rings online if you get a chance.  My character's name is Cudagin (level 38 Dwarf) and I formed a kinship named Logos.  


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