Always the Fool Part 2

Apparently cellular service providers also will make every effort to make someone the fool. Back in 2006, I purchased a Palm Treo 750.  A good phone for its time no doubt, but as most people do I grew tired of its poor battery life and decided to upgrade.

It was your typical upgrade contract.  I upgraded to a Blackberry Curve which I really liked quite well, but unfortunately it stopped working a year into the contract. A bad system board.  Ok, a bump in the road, but I figured a quick call to AT&T and all would be well.  I mean I have been a customer for many years, and pay $60 a month.  They will respect that.  They will cut me a break, right?  After all they are sitting on a ton of refub phones surely they can give me another Curve.  I wished they would have but all I got from them was the whole tough luck and chin up kind of speech.

Yeah I know, I signed the contract and it says they don't have to do anything for me after 90 days.  I know all that but what happened to customer service.  What happened to a company taking it on the chin once in a while for a customer.  After all I wasn't asking for an IPhone.  All I wanted was another junky refurb to get me by until my contract was up.

So after begging AT&T I gave up and popped the SIM back in my old Treo.  It's still going but the battery doesn't last more than a day and the call quality is terrible.  I don't know, maybe I shouldn't complain.  Maybe I am just a snobby American who needs a wake up call.  I do after all still have a cell phone that works but somehow the whole customer service issue bothers me.  When I worked in retail we bent over backward for the customer to make him happy.  Sometimes we took a bath and lost money but the customers kept coming back because they new we were fair.

I'd like to think dumping AT&T would solve my problems but I have a feeling it is the same everywhere.


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