The Coyote Hybrid - Hidden Danger

To me it seems astounding that the coyote has made such a comeback on the east coast of the United States, but there is a hidden danger here.  There is a breed of coyote called the "Hybrid Coyote" or the "Eastern Coyote."  These coyotes breed with dogs or wolves and create a strangely aggressive coyote.  The coyote we are all familiar with are docile and mostly afraid of people but these hybrids are not and will attack children and in rare cases grown adults.

What bothers me most is the government's stance that coyotes are not likely to attack.  Yes that is true and I happen to think coyotes are a great creation from God, but the hybrid will attack and it has proven this time and time again.  The hybrid is not truly a coyote!  I wish they would make the connection and stop their false rhetoric.,0,3125115.story


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