Always the Fool

Today's subject is Tires.  That's right those little round pieces of rubber that stand between the body of your car and the surface of the road.  Once again my tires are in need of replacement and I am trying to find the best deal.

So I did some web searching (what every red blooded software developer would do) to find the best deal, but low and behold the tire companies were trying to make a fool of me.  Needless to say I typed in my car's make model and so on and the list of tires pop up for me to choose from.  Right off I see a tire for 55.00. Wow what a deal I thought!  So being a somewhat bright individual I start looking for the catch.  Sure enough there is this tiny button to the right that says "Get Total Pricing."  Clicking on this button revealed hidden charges such as an  environmental fee, disposal fee and installation fee.  Come on people, what was I going to do install it myself?

Needless to say my 55.00 a tire went mysteriously up to 78.25 per tire. Why must they always try to make us the fool?


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