Last year was a real challenge for me as I have finally realized that there is almost no market for my images in the consumer space.  I spent about three years selling actively and marketing actively.  I am not going to lie, it caused me a lot of frustration and in the end a bit of depression.  From December of 2021 to almost March 2022, I have remained silent.  No images  posted, no marketing and no photography adventures.  In that time, only one person asked where I was and shew wasn't even a follower of my work. I think, deep down,  I wanted this to be more of a career and it just never happened.  

This period of time has been a great period of reflection.  Were the last several years of my life a waste of time?  Do I continue doing something I love to do, without a solid market to sell my images so I can afford doing the work?  Does anyone really care about my work?  As one person said, "I just want to look at pretty pictures."  That was the painful reality.  That really is what most want to do.  Buying imagery is just not what they want to do!

Looking back over 2021, however, did have some amazing moments (especially early on).  It is hard to not see my trip to Saint Augustine as a vey memorable and great time!  Being around great birds and great people.  What else can I ask for?  Anyway, without further mourning, here is my top 10 of 2021.  I hope you enjoy looking at pretty pictures, because that is all I have :)

#1 -   Roseate Spoonbill Takeoff

I like this image first, because of the great pink and blue contrast between the bird and the background.  Secondly, I like it because of the great wing position and general position of the bird.

#2 -   Mother Egret and Chick

There is nothing more sweet than a mother and her child.  Here a mother great egret is preparing to feed the chick.

#3 -   Hummingbird with Beebalm 

Beebalm is a flower that hummingbirds can't resist and here we see a male hummingbird coming in to check it out.  I went with a little different style in 2021 with stronger flash and a black background.  

#4 -   Great Egret Flyover

There are times where I just capture something unusual and that makes for an interesting photograph.  Here, a great egret is flying over my position.  I love the backlighting through his wings and the juxtaposition of the tree as a diagonal from him.

#5 -   Red-winged Blackbird Singing

A day excursion to Merritt Island in the spring, I came across this beautifully lit and perched female red-winged blackbird.  A common subject in uncommon lighting.

#6 -   Great Egret with Chick

Sometimes an image actually tells a lie and that is one of the beauties of still photography.  In this image, the female is performing a wing stretch, but it looks like she is trying to shade her chick from the hot sun.  

#8 -   Male Great Egret Displaying

This is a ubiquitous shot that I have never captured, so it pretty much had to make the top 10.  Here I have photographed a great egret displaying for a female about 8 feet away.

#9 -   Tri-colored Heron Portrait

I love the detail in this portrait.

#10 -  Pine Warbler in Snow

Warblers in the snow.  What is not to like?