Photo of the Week - Wild Mare


"Wild Mare"
This photograph is from my "Wild Horses" Collection. 

Every once in a while there is an image that surprises me when it reaches the highest level of engagement by folks like you during the week.  When this happens it causes me to examine the image more carefully to determine why.  What did I miss?

There are several possibilities, that after reviewing the image, might explain the wild (pun intended)  engagement that this one received.  Here are some thoughts, but let me know what you think.

1.  A universally loved subject.  There isn't much about horses that people don't like. For thousands of years, humans have been in love with this amazing beast.  So, it has that going for it.
2.  A universally loved location.  Although not everyone's favorite, the beach is a place that many frequent.  It is a place of serenity for many.  An escape from the daily grind.  I think this piece speaks to that.
3.  Technically, the lighting is near perfect here as we have the setting sun lighting this mare who is slowly walking across the beach.  As is often the case, the setting sun emphasizes the color layers between the beach and the surf.

OK, all this is fine, but what about the mare herself.  The mare is doing nothing incredibly special here.  She is moving very slowly and dipping her head as she walks.  She does seem to have a sad look, but horses often show this when it is hot like it was that day.  

Psychologically, I think the horse may have represented freedom to many.  It congers up images of a wild and free stallion running along the beaches of a deserted island.  It represents the freedom that we all want to enjoy.  Freedom from the woes life.

I think, in the end, it is one of those images that doesn't have any single point of interest, but there is enough spread throughout it, that it wins the hearts of the viewer, and that is what this is all about.  It isn't about creating images for you that might win prizes or show up on the front page of a magazine.  It is about telling a story that invokes imagination or some lost thoughts you had from long ago.  There is something to be said for imagination and beauty.  Maybe that is all there is to it.

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