Like the Like, but Love Good Comments

As I begin to market more of my imagery to the public, one thing strikes me more than anything else.  I like getting "Likes" on my post, but I would love some good comments!  

Yes, there is a certain stroking of my ego when I receive 500 likes on an image, but this can leave me scratching my head as to why the person liked the image.  I know, I know, life is so busy that we only have a small amount of time to check out great photography on the internet.  I find myself doing the same thing.  However, in 2020, I have decided to comment more on images.  Not only does it help the artist better understand his own work and how it connects to people, it starts conversations,  Conversations are what humans need!

Don't get me wrong at all folks, I love getting likes and follows.  I guess you could say that is the bread and butter of social media.  However, even something as simple as, "Love the color on this bird" helps content providers to find other photographs that are compelling for that reason.

Finally, commenting and sharing helps me market my images better to more fine tuned audiences that would buy that work.  So why does that matter to you?  Well,  the more I can understand and sell, the better my content will be for photographers.  For example, bigger budgets for better projects, but the biggest thing it does is help me better understand you!

This image received 634 likes, but why did it?  I have no idea why they liked it.

P.S.  Feel free to text me via messenger as well!  I am always willing to connect with people who love photographer and art.  Don't forget good old email.  I send out emails fairly regularly, but I won't SPAM you!

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