So you Missed the Shot

We have all been there. You are excited to be out of the house and in the wild.  You stand ready to capture the photograph of the elusive critter for which you have been  waiting for the last two hours. Suddenly, with little warning, a bald eagle makes a sharp turn, his wings spread to make the perfect dorsal shot.  Without hesitation, you lift your camera, lock and and fire a burst.
Later that evening, you import your images, and open them in Lightroom.  You quickly scan the images, and there it is, the dorsal shot of the bald eagle, but it doesn't look quite like you remember it or even how it was displayed on the LCD.  How can this be?  What could have happened?
What happened is, you missed the shot!  Sorry folks, but we all do it, and that is why there is more junk posted on your favorite social media then there are sharp, well composed images.
Here is What You Don't Do
Although the temptation to try and fix this out of focus image is heavier than a dead preacher, for the sake of the world, please don't do it!  Instagram is loaded with images that, although were of a great species, are so horribly over-sharpened or the noise reduction so overused, they are smooth and lifeless.  Sometimes I can't even tell what the species is supposed to be.
Here is What you Do
Go ahead and keep the image in your catalog for reference and documentation.  You were there, you found the subject, and that is half of the battle!  A total congratulations on that piece of the puzzle.  Next time, when you go, you can get the shot you wanted and have something incredible and worthy.  That is what makes photography so exciting and rewarding!  It's the thrill of the chase that eventually ends in success.  Don't give up, and keep shooting until you get it right.  That is the real reward!
Maybe I Can Help
I am not stupid enough to tell you that I am the best photographer that ever picked up a camera, and I don't have all the answers, but maybe this FREE video can help you to look at your images with fresh eyes. I discuss what is too much sharpening and how your image should look after importing.  I make mistakes every day and it is through these mistakes that I learn to move forward and better myself.  You can do the same.


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