One More Reason I do This

I was contacted today by a young man, let's call him Rick, who wanted to take the time to type out of his busy day, email me, and say he was following me on Instagram. He also wanted to express how much he liked my images. I don't know Rick, and he doesn't really know me, but in a sense, he really does know quite a bit about me.  My images, hopefully, speak volumes about who I am as a person.  If not, I have failed.
One of the reasons I do all of this, is to show my craft to others, not just for bragging rights (yeah we all like to be liked), but so others can get a fraction of the feeling that I felt when I made the image.  I think that is really the photojournalist part of me that wants others to experience my memories.  I believe it was Moose Peterson who made the statement that photographs are memories.     
On another note, a big reason I also create a clean podcast with no obscenities or irreverence, is so folks like Rick can listen and not get hit with the nonsense that bombards us everyday.  The Matt Cuda Photography Podcast, website and related media is now, and will always, be a safe place for families like Rick and his parents.  You can fire up the podcast, blast it on your minivan's Bluetooth, and rest easy knowing it is G rated.  You might get tired of my voice (that's OK) but it will be clean.
Thanks, Rick, you made and old photographer happy today with a simple gesture of good will. 


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