Dog Days

TOBACCOVILLE, NC - The dog days of summer are slowly giving way to what will soon be autumn.  This summer has been very hot here in North Carolina, and I have unfortunately been unable to go on very many photography adventures.  Of course, that did not stop me completely (never does).   I did go out a few times this summer, when I got a break in the weather, and so the photographs in this newsletter come from those trips.

I have two exciting prospects for the month of September.  The first, is a new project called "Songbirds in Flight."  This project will involve, hopefully, spectacular images we don't often get to see of northern cardinals, chickadees, sparrows, wrens, woodpeckers and the occasional Titmouse actually frozen in mid-air.  Often we see these birds as static images, perched on branches.  This project will bring us all a little closer to the world in which they live.

The next big event happening this September is "Hawk Watch." For those that don't know, every year, large numbers of hawks, ospreys and falcons make there way from Canada to as far south as South America in a massive migration.  This is an annual event that anyone can participate in.  Contact your local Audubon branch, state park system or check out maps at the Hawk Migration Association.  Although this event rarely produced great photographs, it is a good opportunity to meet others and participate in something to help scientists track and number these migrants.

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TOBACCOVILLE, NC - A bumblebee gathering nectar from these beautiful flowers.  The summer is a great time to photograph insects and spiders.

HANGING ROCK STATE PARK, NC -  Beautiful morning light illuminates these two fungi growing in a soft bed of moss.  

HANGING ROCK STATE PARK, NC -  Lower Cascades:   This images uses and advanced technique combining both HDR and panoramic stitching to produce an image which shows tones from the brightest whites to the blackest black.  The result is an image which emphasizes the massive rock walls near this waterfall.

HANGING ROCK STATE PARK, NC - A small cascade running just downstream from Lower Cascades.

I hope you enjoyed this month's images.  It is always my hope that others will be able to experience what I see though my eyes as I travel God's great and magnificent creation.  He is the great painter. All I do is just share his paintings.  

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