Photo of the Week - Red Wolf Drinking

"Red Wolf Drinking"
This photograph is from my "Best Sellers" Collection. 

The red wolf of North Carolina is a somewhat sad story, but a story that still doesn't have a defined ending.  The red wolf was hunted pretty much to extinction in North Carolina, because it was a danger to farm animals and thus the economy of the farm.

Recently, the red wolf has had mixed results being reintroduced.  In the far eastern part of the state, they do have some stability, but there are still far too few of them to say they are stable or on the rise. Hybridization with coyotes has also become a concern. 

In the image above, the viewer is peeking behind the rock in the foreground at almost water level.  The viewer's eyes are met with the eyes of the wolf.  There is strength and determination in those eyes.  There is a hope in those eyes.  The drinking of the water helps reinforce the idea of a hopeful future in the clear, nourishing water.

Perhaps, one day, the red wolf will once again roam the forests of eastern North Carolina in larger numbers and be a stable force once again.  Through conservation, we can possibly keep the numbers stable.

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