What is Elk Week?

 About a year ago, I began thinking about how much I love to photograph the rocky mountain elk.  That lead to me begin wondering how I could best convey my love for photographing these beautiful animals to you.  Maybe, I could do a special blog post, or maybe just pick a few of my best photographs and speak about them.  Or...   How about all of the above!

This week is all about the elk.  First, there will be a post every day on social media highlighting one of my elk images with a long description to go with each image. Secondly, a video will be posted and sent via email showing this years small trip to Cataloochee, NC and also highlight a few images from this years trip.  Finally, I will have a special email this week talking about the behavior of the elk.  I hope this all meets with your approval.  If so, let's kick this off with the image below that started it all for me!

In 2016, I began to photograph the elk of Cataloochee Valley.  This elk, only a young bull, that was pushed around and ran off, would one day take over a large herd.  So it is with the elk.  The strongest bulls become the king of the harem and rule, even if it is only for a season or two.  It is his time in the sun.

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