Photo of the Week - Willet in Morning Sun

Willet in Morning Sun

"Willet in Morning Sun
This photograph is from my "Avian Florida" Collection. 

One phrase you might here me write or talk about is the idea of making the common look uncommon.  In photography, this concept is often seen playing in out in a variety of different ways.  Perhaps the subject is doing something amazing or unusual even though it is a common subject.  Maybe a bird is flying upside-down for a moment, for example.  We could list examples ad nauseum.

In this case, I was on this west coast Florida beach in the early morning hours. My subject is a common everyday willet.  You can see willets on any east coast beach, at any time of the year.  In this case, the sun is coming in a low angle, giving the image a beautiful morning glow.  Not only that, but I am ignoring the "sun at your back" rule for photographing birds.  Instead, I am allowing full side lighting from the right.  Additionally, the rock in the foreground helps to balance the image and gives the user a point to bounce from bird to rock and back again.

These principles together help to give this photo more of a unique look.  You don't have to always follow the rules.  Be creative when you are out there and look for ways to not follow the rules and still pull it off.  Look for ways to make the common look uncommon!

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