Mekingstudio/Selens Camera Lens Cover Review

As many of you are aware, it is extremely easy to damage a long lens by bumping it while walking or just from banging around in your back pack. I think it only took about a month before I saw my first scratch on my Sigma 150-600 C lens.

I have been at locations where I was forced to shoot through a cut open fence. I have rested my lens on car windows and had them roll down steps, but what options are out there to protect your lens?

There are two main companies out there that are producing neoprene covers for your lens. The first, is LensCoat. LensCoat is a great company, and I actually own their blind. But, I felt like, perhaps the LensCoat was a bit pricey at 100 bucks for a 1,000 dollar lens. That led me on a search on Amazon to find a more inexpensive alternative. After searching for a bit, I came across a neoprene cover made by Mekingstudio. Yes, it is Chinese made, but honestly, for something like this I wasn't convinced that I needed a quality piece of "foam."

Click to view a larger image of the Mekingstudio Lens Cover

The order arrived at my workplace without issue.  Each of the pieces were numbered and are placed on the lens from the lens hood back.  The pieces went on pretty easy once I got the numbers in the right order.  It might take you a bit to figure it all out, but it's not a monumental task or anything.  

I have been using this product on my lens for about 6 months now and it works absolutely fine.  Now, I can rest my lens on a fence or car and not feel like I am scratching the lens.  The padding it provides is minimal, but it is enough to help cushion small blows and keep the lens from sliding around too much when using a bean bag support.  The only real complaint I have is it is hard to find the manual focus ring.  It was hard enough without the cover, but now it is much worse.  I suspect this would be the same no matter what cover I bought.  Perhaps they could add something to the outside of the ring to help find it.  Or, maybe you could even put a piece of Velcro there.

The other problem I found with the cover, is the plastic covering over the lens switches. Because it is so tight to the lens, it makes it a little bit more challenging to switch on image stabilization, for example.  Some may find this useful and not a con. It does protect the switches from water which is also nice.

In conclusion, It is my opinion, that you can't really go wrong with this product.  For only 39 dollars US it is a steal.  Click on the link above and order one today!  


  • Offers nice rubberized protection (neoprene)
  • Has not slid or fallen off
  • Offers a more comfortable grip when hand holding
  • Lens doesn't slide when using a bean bag support
  • Offers some water protection
  • Hard to find the manual focus ring (can't blame them totally for this)
  • Camo pattern is not a name brand like RealTree.  If they did that it would cost more, however. 
  • Plastic cover over the switches makes flipping the switches a bit more difficult
I recommend this product. Click here to order yours today!

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