Bad Things Happen

Yesterday I learned of something which frankly was astounding, and I think in some ways despicable.  While checking out the blog of Art Morris, I learned that Canon had "fired" Art from the Explorers of Light Program.  For those that do not know, the EOL program is an honorary position given to the best photographers in each of their respective genres.  They receive benefits such as paid speaking engagements, shooting training videos for Canon, and they are able to test the latest equipment.

If you have followed Art's work over the years, you know that Art has always stuck by Canon through thick and thin.  I often joked that Art had never seen Canon product he didn't like.  Art, along with Moose Peterson, were "go to" photographers for me as I began my journey many years ago as a nature photographer.  If it were not for them, I doubt I would be the bird photographer I have become.  I don't say that to brag on me, but on them!

Art characterized the firing on his blog: "About three or four years ago, Steven Inglima called me. Steve never called me. He was going on and on about nothing and suddenly it dawned on me: I was being let go as an Explorer. And that’s what happened. As a result of political [nonsense] at Canon. Steve fought hard to keep me in the program. In about a year he was fired too. He did get one concession. I, and the other photographers who were let go, were OKed to use the title Canon Explorer of Light Emeritus."

I can only speculate as to the reason behind the firing, but I don't think we have to look to hard to figure out what might have been the cause.  I will leave that up to you and not speak more on that topic.  It is sad when anyone is fired, but someone with such great photography and teaching skills and dedication to Canon should have never been let go.

I would ask that you drop Art an email and let him know you are out there and let Art know that the members of the Matt Cuda Photography Community are behind him!  You can drop him an email at or

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