North Myrtle Beach Pier Fishing in mid July

Well the whole family packed up and headed to North Myrtle Beach last weekend for a time of rest and relaxation.  I generally find North Myrtle to be much more relaxing than Myrtle Beach due to more room and less crowds.

For me this was a time to do some pier fishing.  We stayed near the Cherry Grove Fishing Pier so that is where I decided to fish.  The first day proved quite tiring due to a poor bite and a frustrating, windy day.  I did however catch a 14 inch Red Drum, a shark pup and a whiting or two.  Day two was much nicer as far as speed of the catch.  In three hours I brought in a couple spots, a shark pup, a nice sized whiting or two and a Croaker.  I even caught a silly star fish which caused me to really sit and scratch my head as to how it found my shrimp that quickly and be such a slow to move crustacean.  By the way if you have never caught a Croaker, you are in for a treat. They actually make a "croaking" sound when you catch them but to me it sounds more like a snort.

I like to use fairly heavy gear just in case you get into something big.  The last thing you want is a flimsy rod which breaks under the pressure of a 10 pound fish.  I took my Shakespeare "Big Water" rod and large Shakespeare reel spooled with Stren 20lb. mono.  Just remember that with a heavy action rod, you need to keep your right index finger on the line to check for subtle bites.  On the terminal end, I like to use a 3 ounce triangle weight with two size 2.0 circle hooks.  All of this can be purchased at the pier or at any outdoor sporting goods store.  For bait, I used shrimp, but you can also use mole crabs or blood worms.  Just be careful with blood worms!  They bite :)

No records were set here but all in all not a bad couple days. The great thing about fishing the ocean is you never know what is going to bite.  It all depends on what is cruising through at that time of the year.   I hope to return next year and try for some King Mackerel.

A nice pan sized spot caught off the pier


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