Waiting for Test Results

During the past three weeks I have been plagued by some form of Pneumonia, but I wished I could say that that was the hard part.  You see, on my second visit to the doctors, he decided to do an x-ray of my lungs just to (as he put it) be more academic.

Well I of course I complied because, well, a test after all can determine if you are sick, right?  Well as it turns out that is not totally accurate.  You see there are these troublesome little anomalies which can occur on x-rays of the chest which dumbfound the doctor but still raise a red flag enough to push you through the ever larger patient diagnostic system.  Basically what that means is that I had to go for a second type of test called a CT (CAT) Scan.  This test will determine if the the weird mess the doctors saw on the x-ray was just a fluke or if there really is a problem.  Well, apparently the CT can also produce these same types of anomalies which dumbfound the doctors, so who knows.

To make matters worse, there are all sorts of legitimate, benign problems in the lungs which can sometimes look more serious then they really are.  Among these are calcified nodes, blood vessels which are caught in odd positions and fungal lung infections.

I think the worst part of all this is the way it has an effect on the family.  Sometimes, waiting three days for test results is not uncommon with these types of tests and this makes my wife nervous beyond anything I have ever seen.  Even my kids seem a bit different as they can feel that something is up and the family is not running as smoothly as it normally does.

Well, bottom line is that God is the only source to both heal and calm our spirits and body in such a situation so I am daily seeking his council and healing.   Philippians 4:6 always comes to mind in these situations, but man it can be really, really tough to put that verse into practice :)


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