A Dark Day for America

Today is indeed a dark day for America!  Yes, I know it is a trite expression and  for those who voted for Obama trite means overused or in common use.  Yes, it is a dark day not because a republican did not make it into the office of the presidency, but rather it is a dark day because a man who has no vision for America did.

America, where is the "hope and change" which Obama so eloquently delivered to us four years ago in his speeches?   When he took office in 2008, America was in debt at $9.986 trillion and now we have gone to almost $16 trillion.  This was according to both conservative and liberal media outlets  Obama's administration has alienated Israel, our strongest ally in the Middle East and left Americans to die in Benghazi.  Our unemployment rate is higher now then when Obama took office. So why are people still willing to vote for someone who demonstrates such failure?

I think first, people do not attempt to educate themselves to the facts and the truth that already exists.  We have a nation which is generally apathetic and unwilling to participate and engage actively in the political process. Being engaged is not simply voting but educating yourself on the facts about each candidate. The failure of this country to engage was proven yesterday by the number one search term in Google which was something to the effect of "who is running for president?" How can anyone of voting age be so disengaged in American culture to miss who is running for president?

Secondly, I think people are educated in the public school system which generally speaking perpetuates the belief that conservatives are rich, angry, uncaring, religious, gun owning men.  I and almost every conservative I know truly want the common man to  succeed.  We truly care about the individual and his right to succeed and live the American dream.  Yes, I am religious and I believe in a God of love who genuinely wants us to care for those around us.  In fact we are commanded in the Bible to feed the poor and take care of widows and orphans.  I attend a church that does just that on a daily basis.  Yes, I own a gun and I keep it locked up and safe.  I like to go shooting for sport and I like to have the guns there to protect my family.  I do not commit violence against others as the gangs do on the streets of the predominately liberal cities.  I do not even hunt animals as my family does not need the meat to survive.  I believe in a clean earth where my family can go to parks and experience God's creation. I live in a very modest 1300 square foot home and drive a four cylinder Kia with 142,000 miles on it. This definitely takes me out of the rich category.

Finally, people in America voted for Obama because they are not a follower of Christ.  They do not abide by Judeo-Christian ethics so they have no compass to give them wisdom to make the right decisions when voting.  Our churches are bursting with people who have no concept of who Jesus Christ was and where he stood on issues.  They do not understand that killing a child in the mother's womb is murder.  Jesus spoke of those who are quick to shed innocent blood as being those who are not his followers.  Furthermore, there are those who sit in our churches and claim to follow Christ, yet  no longer follow the leadership of their pastors which God setup for them to follow.  They ignore their teachings because they have a form of godliness but deny its power.  They want to live their own secular lives apart from the teachings of scripture but come into church and pretend to be a Christian.  Christ said if you are a lukewarm Christian he would spit you out of his mouth.

I appeal to you America to change!  Do not let brainwashing and foolishness keep you from making the right decisions for this country and yourself.  America is unique in that we have the ability to vote and change the country for the better. We did not do that yesterday!  Instead we took a failed president and believed he would somehow improve over the next four years. Please, America, wake up, change for the better!


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