It ain't the same without taters

The smell of the turkey roasting in the oven brings back many a memory of family gatherings around the holidays, but something is mysteriously missing at this years Thanksgiving.  Great Food!

I remember my grandmother making huge batches of mashed potatoes, bowls of turkey gravy, several pumpkin pies, and of course, the ever delicious apple pie.  Unfortunately all of this is but a distant memory. Today, the culture is all about healthy foods and how to "immitate" the Thanksgiving experience with substitutes to those famous dishes.

So what are we having this year?  Well thank God the turkey and stuffing are still present, but that is where the similarities come to a total halt.   This year the potatoes have been replaced with "real" vegetables, the pies are crustless pies because of course white flour is evil and the gravy well, you know, it is fatty of course so that is missing.

Is this celebrating?  I find it a poor and totally lacking substitute for the real deal.  At the same time I get the fact that we are becoming a fat, lazy and unproductive society.  It seems, however, that we could still be a productive society, yet still eat all of those great foods.  Our country fathers made the country what is is today and I'll bet they had some apple pie at Thanksgiving.


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