"Ouch!" What's the matter? I broke a nail!

Being a married man I have heard my wife complain about breaking her nails and while I never really cared about this, I have recently starting playing finger style guitar and suddenly my nails have become priority one.  So in case you don't understand what I am saying, when a guitarists plays finger style they generally grow out the nails on their right hand in order to use them as picks.

So yesterday I started asking my wife about nail care.  That's right, a 38 year old man asking about how he can make his nails stronger.  After some discussion on the topic my wife leaves the room and comes back with two bottles of what I always considered fingernail polish.  Instead I am told that one is a bottle of fingernail oil which you rub into your nails and one is called nail hardener.

 So I spend about 5 minutes "painting" my nails at which time I thought they looked pink.  I asked her if they looked pink and she replied that no they just have a natural glow now.  A natural glow?  I am a man and my nails now have a "natural glow."  Now that is just what I always wanted. 

Bottom line is that I will try this for a while and see how it works.  I may need to do some kind of penance to make up for this feminine nail care.  Perhaps I can go hunting, or maybe drag my wife around by the hair.  On second thought maybe I should just go hunting.  The hair pulling thing probably won't contribute to a happy life.


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